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Not so sunny day

Today was opening day at Sesame Place and we were there, rain and all, with all four kids.  It is seriously difficult to do anything with all four kids.  If it weren't for the sit-and-stand stroller, we couldn't have done it.

Nathan is a runner.  I must have said it ten or more times today, "We need one of those baby leash things for him."

Joey was in and out of the back seat. 

Andy is dealing with allergies and sinus stuff and was just not himself today.  He wouldn't go on any rides.  He wanted to go into the water but it was just too cold.  

Lexi wanted to hang out with my sister and niece all day.

The kids, minus Andy, rode the Vapor Trail roller coaster, Elmo's Flying Fish (fish shaped flying cars, spins around in a circle), this bouncy thing called Blast Off and the carousel.  We also saw the Elmo's World show and the parade.  Doesn't seem like all that much but we were there all day. 

We had a picnic lunch in the parking lot.  In the afternoon there was ice cream and right before the parade: cotton candy.  

Going through pictures now.  I look horrible in all of them.  I had a lazy, sloppy pony tail leaving the house and the rain didn't help matters much.  I need some sun on my face. Argh.
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