purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

What's coming up

Monday: Laundry.  The monster is raging again!

Tuesday, Wednesday : Cleaning.  See Friday and Saturday.

Thursday:  Kid shuffle.  Lots of driving.  

Friday: Scrapbook Viewing Get Together for the scrapbooking group I coordinate on Meetup.  Rather than getting together to work on scrapbooks, we're going to bring competed work and do the whole "ooh and ah" thing.  Means a lot of housework for me because I'm hosting but that's fine.  Will also need something to drink and some hors d'oeurves.

Saturday: Lexi's Birthday Tea Party.  I'm psyched for this because I want to make it very schamncy and girly.  She plays tea party with her grandmother but it's with a plastic toy tea set and fake food.  I am planning finger sandwiches and scones and punch.  Should be a good time.  I can plan more this week and really finish off the plans.

Sunday: RELAX!  But, but, but, I need to start prepping page kits for my mom's group's big crop on the 25th.  I don't want to haul all my stuff with me so I like to match papers to pictures and cut the titles on my Cricut and bag them up in 2-gallon size ziplocks.  (Perfect size for 12x12 papers!)

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