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I long for calm weekends and it just never happens

Boring faculty meeting at work about the school's accreditation visit that starts tomorrow.  I would very much like to have the woman who gave the presentation in my Microsoft Office class to teach her to to properly use PowerPoint.  Massive driving picking up and dropping off kids.  Met Steve at Chick-fil-a to exchange boys.  Nathan ran out into the parking lot and scared Wayne senseless.  Went to Target to get the kids' Easter outfits and the Twilight DVD.  :) 

Cleaning.  Home. Nothing too crazy.

Woke up and straightened up the house.  Wayne's ex picked up his kids, late as usual.  Showered, dressed and made up to go pick up the boys at Steve's place and met his girlfriend, Tammy, who is very nice.  I think things will be okay there.  Took the boys out to NJ to hang with my parentals.  Had Spanish BBQ and my favorite cake, a belated birthday thing.  Drove home.

Joey tripped and fell into a door jamb in the hallway, creating a large egg and a weird blood blister on the left side of his forehead.  Thinking of Natasha Richardson, I panic.  He's fine.  Spent most of the day going between cleaning stuff and vegging. Played some Guitar Hero.  I need to finish editing my NYC pictures.

Class starts at 11.  I need to get my lesson plan together for today and then come up with lesson plans for the rest of the week.  Need to go put on my makeup and get some more coffee.   I have two hours to get to that.  After school today I have to pack the boys up and make sure they are as clean as can be and well groomed.  Steve is picking them up tomorrow to take them to Pittsburgh to visit with his mother for the rest of the week.  I need to make and deliver dinner for my friend, Megan, who has a baby a week ago, Jaxon John.  I also need to pick up my Creative Memories order from my friend, Lisa.

Never a dull moment around here.
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