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Ubiquitous Oscar Post

I missed the first 20 minutes of the broadcast last night because Joey was vomitting all over himself and while I was not actively participating in the cleanup of Joey, I was washing sheets to go on his bed and trying to not throw up myself.

When I did get to tune in, Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Craig (who is so going on my list) were giving out the makeup and costuming awards.  I loved the set behind them-- the backstage theater dressing area thing. 

I just sat for an hour researching and writing my review of the Oscars and then the laptop, which was not plugged in, died.  All LJ autosaved was the above. So now, you get the review in bullets.
  • New order of awards distributed, following the movie making process: cool 
  • Montage of movie genres set to cool music: awesome
  • Previous winners praise nominees: very nice.  Cuba Gooding should have played it straight.
  • Song nominee medley: suckage
  • In Memoriam song: good, but get the camera off Queen Latifah and let me cry over the dead
  • Multiple screens for memoriam segment: seizure inducing
  • Gowns: mostly bleh.  I liked Diane Lane's and Anne Hathaway's.
  • Why was Miley Cyrus there? 
  • Loved the musical numbers
  • Why Sir Ben Kingsley but not Sir Anthony Hopkins? 
  • I continue to LOVE Kate Winslet
  • Ben Stiller's Joaquin Phoenix impersonation was cheap, mean-spirited and misplaced.
Everyone knew Heath was going to win and for the most part, his family's acceptance speech was eloquent, touching and nice.  My only gripe is with his sister.  Girlfriend, when you're on the Oscars accepting an award, you don't hike up your boobs or fidget with your gown.  Stand there and look classy.
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