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Learning Diplomacy

I'm still sitting in an empty classroom.  Freezing.  The room was painted over the weekend so in addition to my fingers turning blue from the cold, I get to inhale paint fumes. 

This week I'm prepping for the General Computers class that I'll be teaching to students who want to be medical assistants.  Chapter one actually describes how to turn on a computer and use a mouse.  Seriously.  Luckily for me, the lesson plans, rubrics, assignments and tests are all already done and out there on the network for me to use for this class.  I need a basic review of Office as a refresher for myself but otherwise, I am totally comfortable teaching this.

Blasted Microsoft had to go and reorganize everything in Office to be more logical, according to them, but I used to know where everything was and now I can't find stuff like headers and footers.  $*%(#&#$%#)  just can't leave well enough alone...

So today I got an email from the HR chick who did my whole hiring process with this bizarre schedule she's putting together for new hire training.  It's insane.  It's like a 5-day schedule with this list of things- some of which I would have appreciated as valuable and then the rest is completely ridiculous and unnecessary.  I'm not sure how to respond.

In 20 minutes I'm meeting with another instructor to go over the materials for the computer class.  I hope it's not a phenomenal waste of time.


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