purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

Watching History

I just came back to the computer after gathering in a large classroom to watch the inauguration together with  students, teachers and administrators.  We had some disappointing technical glitches but I was moved by the rapt attention paid to the projection on the wall.  Some, like me, had quiet tears rolling down their faces.  Others watched with this intent and focus. 

I feel a weight lifted.  It's 45 minutes into the Obama presidency and I feel lighter though nothing has yet been done. 

The speech was wonderful.  It was direct and pointed at the times, inspirational and, I think , that like most of Obama's big speeches, it gave hope and also indicated that we, as Americans, have a responsibility to ourselves to make things better than they've been.

I wish I had a glass of wine to toast to the new era of American greatness.
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