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It's been a long and crazy week

The last thing I posted was about my friend dumping Joey.  That was Monday.  Tuesday we woke up and took Joey to a different friend's house.  

Friend #2, Rachelle, is a Supermom.  Like so much of a supermom that she should wear a cape and leotard.  She's AMAZING with kids.  She's always doing crafts and teaching them stuff, and being fun.  She is amazing.  I am thrilled that Joey will be with her for the month.  

Tuesday started with dropping Andy off at his school and then we drove over the mountain behind our house in pretty crappy weather to get to "Joey's School," Rachelle's house.

Drop off went fine.  No crying from Joey.  We got in the car, with me in the driver's seat.  I made a comment to Wayne about how we'd have to fly up the Turnpike and I wouldn't freak out as much if I was the one driving. I shifted the car into reverse to go down the long, narrow driveway.

And I went right off the asphalt, onto her lawn and thumped into her mailbox, knocking it askew.  

And then I tried to move forward to get back on the asphalt and spun the tires in the mud.

And then Wayne got out of the car to see what was going on and I spun the tires again, this time covering him in mud.

Yes.  Seriously.  I wish I had taken a picture.

It took someone coming down the road to bump me back onto the driveway so we could go. 

We wanted to stop somewhere and get Wayne a new ensemble but nothing was open at 7:30 in the morning.  We were about half an hour late to school.  Wayne taught class all day covered in mud.

Days 3 and 4 were much less crazy in the morning. 

On Thursday we were in the car from 1:00 in the afternoon until after 7 pm.  We left school at 1 and went to pick up Lexi and Nathan.  Then we went to get Joey, then Andy.  We stopped at home for five minutes for Wayne and I to change clothes, not even pulling the kids out of the van.  We drove to a halfway point to meet Steve and exchange the boys and then back home.  

It looks like this: 

Follow from A to B to C to D and then, it's not on the picture but back to C.  Mapquest estimated it at about four hours and forty minutes.  It was a KILLER day.


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