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Strange things at the Supermarket, vol. 1

I'd seen them on Food Network's Unwrapped, but never in a store until yesterday. 

Yes, that says, "Crunches like an apple.  Tastes like a grape."

Some marketing genius thought that perhaps people who like to eat apples would like them to taste like something else.  Something that isn't an apple.  Like grapes.  Only not real grapes, like grape candy or grape jello.  Artificial grapes.  Let's take real apples and chemically treat them to taste like fake grapes!!! 

And they did.

And I bought some. 

Four grapples (that's pronounced GRAY-puhls) come packaged in a plastic isolation unit.  Honestly, I wouldn't pick these apples up if they were loose in a bin.  They're kinda small and dull. 

Joey wanted an apple this morning and I gave him a grapple.  After I took a bite.  It smelled more grapey than it tasted and overall, my assessment is this: they're weird.

And expensive.  It was $4.99 for four small apples.

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