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I have some gaming books I'm looking to get rid of to clear out the shelves a little.  These are all from my gaming days in college so they're like eight years old but in excellent condition.  If you want them, I'll take shipping cost + $1.

Clanbook Ravnos: Sourcebook for Vampire the Masquerade. 1997.

Shadowrun Second Edition. 1992

Vampire: The Dark Ages hardcover.  1996.

Vampire the Dark Ages Storyteller Screen + Character Creation Sheet Pad ( a few sheets removed but still many left) 

Book of Storyteller Secrets for Vampire: The Dark Ages. 1996.  Reinforced cover.

Magic The Gathering Official Encyclopedia and Card Guide. 1996

Magic The Gathering Official Encyclopedia and Card Guide Volume 2. 1997

Advanced D&D 2nd Edition Arms & Equipment Guide. 1991.
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