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Dead City Photos: the first official game

NU peeps, I've had these around and just got around to scanning them.  I don't know why I have so few pictures from this game.  Must have something to do with having to use actual film.  

Non-NU peeps, these are from the Live Action Roleplaying group I was a part of at Northwestern.  We played Vampire: The Masquerade and dressed up for it. 

Chad Phillips as Prince Valerius Sarbinger

Me with Jersey Hair... I played a Malkavian, briefly.

Meg Dumont, the Brujah Primogen

Joe Devivo, Capo of the Giovanni clan

Loopy Smith... I think she was playing a Black Spiral Dancer Werewolf


kneelbeforezod , playing Evil.


Game wrap up discussion</lj>
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