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Holiday Weekend

Spent Wednesday and Thursday night in Jersey with my family.  Wayne and I slept in my sister's old room.  It was very strange and very sad to not have the boys with me.  I did get to spend some quality time with my Foobie playing Guitar Hero. 

Friday morning we left Newark and went to Ikea for their opening and got a set of bunk beds for Joey and Nathan.  Joey loves it.  He's such a little monkey, I'm not concerned about the climbing at all.   When he saw it on Saturday night in his room, his eyes got really big and he ran to the ladder to climb up.  He said, "I high, Mommy!" and laughed.  Andy was excited and said, "There's one for each of us," and I had to explain that his bed is in his room. 

I took photos, of course.  Need to edit and upload. 

Friday we also went to Toys R Us and got some good Christmas gifts for the kids.  We focusing on imaginative play and games this year.  NO ELECTRONICS!  I need to order the cardboard blocks from Lillian Vernon that I have been psyched for all year.  From there we drove home to Reading and stopped at the VFO Outlets and got Andy, Joey and Nathan's Christmas outfits at the Osh Kosh outlet.  They didn't have anything for Lexi.  The boys are wearing casual Navy blue with accents in beige and green.  For Lexi, I'd like a navy blue corderoy miniskirt and a beige sweater.  With any luck, a beige sweater with a navy blue snowflake on it.  (If anyone has seen one...let me know!)  I also was able to find some new bras for myself (3) and some new tops.

We stopped at Michael's to see if their $30 Cricut cartridges were any of the ones I want and alas, no.

Once at home, Wayne started putting the bed together and I sort of vegged out reading Twilight for the third time.  

Saturday morning, after poking around the house a bit, we went out to the Christmas tree farm and got our tree.  This year we got a white pine, the kind with the long, softer needles.  I love that they cut it down for us, so we know it's fresh and won't get all ugly before the holiday.  Wayne struggled with it,  putting it into the stand and straightening it with minimal help from me.  We had them cut the bottom row of branches off and that resulted in a tree that has a longer bare trunk than usual.  It looks a little odd, but I don't want to fuss with it.  There's plenty of room for presents underneath!  

We spent the day cleaning and prepping for my crop yesterday.  The house looked fabulous.  I think once the tree is trimmed (it's standing next to me naked.  The tree is naked.  Not me.  Just saying...) I'll do a video tour of the house.   We had swedish meatballs for dinner, courtesy of Ikea and just as I started cleaning the fish tank, the boys arrived.  I missed them SO MUCH.  I couldn't wait to smoosh them.  Nothing really seems right when they're apart from me.

My boys were very good yesterday, up until dinner time.  By then they were getting a little manic and crazy.  Joey was over-tired.  I'm guessing nap and bedtimes were a little askew on their trip.  

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