purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

Rainy Thursday

Woke up this morning and dressed the kids and headed out to "book club" playdate style.  I'd suggested a book club to my mom's group a few months ago and there was good response but a split down the middle on when to get together to discuss the books-- some people wanted playdate get togethers with kids and others (ME!!!) wanted grown up time to have uninterrupted grown-up conversations.  It went as I expected it to, with frequent whining interruptions.  No get together next month with the holidays.  We'll shoot for a January coffeehouse get together to discuss some nonfiction book about raising boys.

Andy begged for a happy meal on the way home and I got him one.  And Joey too, of course.

It's cold and rainy here which leaves me in a gray kinda mood.  Wayne is picking up his kids in his car, which I am not too keen on since it needs brakes and it's raining.  When Joey gets up from his nap, I'll take the boys out to Steve.

I'm hungry and I think I want soup for lunch but I'm not sure we have any.  Have to thaw my ground beef for meatballs to go with spaghetti for dinner tonight.

Is my life exciting or what??? 

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