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Found this online somewhere and I have to post it because it is exactly how I feel. I've thought long and hard about cutting my friends list over politics recently and this is my one last chance to people who have been extremely negative about the election.

And they declared Barack Obama the president-elect, and said that millions and millions of people will always remember where they were when this announcement was made. I was by myself, on my couch in my apartment in Los Angeles. With a beer in reach, and after a post-election hangout with Claire and Django, which was mostly spent avoiding the election results because we're all a bit neurotic. I was alone, and the text messages and e-mails were pouring in, saying this and that. But here's the most electrifying thing to me: History was made, and I was a part of it! To come from the television, seeing beautiful speeches and tears of joy running down the faces of masses of people--people to whom this victory means and says so much. People that never thought that they'd live to see this day: the day an African-American wins the presidency of the United States of America!

To go from that, and get on Facebook and not only see horrible racist comments but also see people encouraging an assassination of Barack Obama--and this, from people who say they have morals! So I had to start removing them as "Facebook friends," because there's absolutely zero f**king tolerance for these ignorant, racist people and certainly not for people who wish death upon others. I'm not sure about the president-elect, but it is illegal to threaten the president--and rather than report these pathetic f**kers, I just removed them and I am removing all of the negativity.

But something funny happened as I was deleting one of these "friends": just above where you click 'Remove from Friends' - this particular girl had No Doubt on her playlist and I reconsidered removing her. I f**king reconsidered removing her, but then I thought, What Would No Doubt Do? And although I'm sure they love their fans, I'm certain that they wouldn't want anything to do with this sort of extreme hatred--or any hatred, for that matter: No Doubt, No Hate. So I deleted her too, but man is it disheartening that people are that closed-minded and that cruel with their opinions. These retarded people need to ask themselves, "What Would Jesus Do?" before they call themselves a Christian. Or even ask themselves, "What Would John McCain Do?" after he gave a very gracious concession speech.

And to all of you that are "moving to Canada because Obama won," why do you even bother saying that? You know you're not; I know you're not. For one reason, you probably can't afford to move. 'You're moving to another country...' I get the point, but really, by saying that, you're just showing how little you know about other countries' politics. And if you do actually move to Canada, enjoy the universal healthcare they already have there . . . which I'm sure you know is something Barack Obama is trying to achieve.
So if you're looking to get away from Obama's politics, then maybe Canada isn't the best place for you, and neither is most of Europe; the United Kingdom, and France especially. So long London, so long Paris. There's no escaping him! Even Cuba has universal healthcare! So where ever will you guys move? Oh yeah, you won't really move.

You'll stay, and you can either be positive--and, regardless of who you voted for, enjoy this historical milestone, maybe even save today's newspaper and keep your fingers crossed, with the rest of us--as Obama said, "young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled"--Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America--keep your fingers crossed that what the future holds is brighter than what any of us could ever have imagined.

Or you'll continue to be negative; disgustingly negative, and down right evil sometimes. I guess you guys will still be there, but I want you to know: I voted for the candidate with my best interests, of course, but I also voted for the candidate who I believe will help everybody; who I hope will help everybody. You, me, the ignorant, racist, assassination-supporting people, and everyone in between alike. But please, keep that negativity far, far away from me. If you're one of those people, and you're reading this--please do at least one nice thing, and delete me from your friends. This isn't about all McCain or even most McCain supporters, obviously, but I was raised right to believe that words can't even describe how horrible something like bigotry and racism are. And murder, well that goes without saying. So to those people, please go away and let me continue enjoying my incredible life.

I called it, didn't I? I said, for a variety of reasons, that this time of the year; this and the next season, especially - will be good, if not better, if not f**king incredible. And starting even earlier for me, and now for so many people in this country--it is f**king incredible!

My best friend wouldn't tell me who he voted for. I told him that's what they do in a lot of other countries: keep that information in the family, with politics as well as religion, and although that's not how it's done here, I understand. So regardless of who he voted for, I hope that the candidate I voted for, the candidate who won, will give my friend's mother the healthcare he promised, and the healthcare she needs.
It's really so sad, about the hatred--but I still feel electrified. And regardless of who you voted for, I hope you have something to celebrate and I hope you're keeping your fingers crossed for an amazing future ahead of us--a future that we're all a part of.

-- Brett McElvaine, 11.04.08
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