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Alphabet meme

Comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

glass_lion   gave me the letter M.

1.  Males.  Hee hee.  Funny how this is the first thing that came to mind.

2.  Motherhood- even on a day like today where the boys are driving me absolutely bonkers, there's nothing more rewarding than watching them grow.  Did I mention that my two bio-kids are male? 

3.  Mickey Mouse.  My Disney obsession is very apparent

4.  Music- all kinds.

5.  Meat.  I could never be a vegetarian.  Some of my favorite restaurants are entirely meat-focused, like Fernandes Steakhouse in Newark and Fire of Brazil in Atlanta.  Oh, and as an aside, the half cow we ordered from the butcher is ready.

6.Media- I majored in journalism.  I have an FCC license.  I had a radio show.  I read, I watch, I listen.  Can't live without it.

7. Magic: The Gathering-- I haven't indulged in years, but it used to my favorite way to spend time.

This is getting harder...

8. Mom- she's pretty okay most of the time.

9.  Moors, black ones.  Some of my favorite goldfish.  I have one and his name is Louis, like Anne Rice's vampire.

10. Mythology, greek.  I've been fascinated since I was a kid.  Took a few great classes in college.  Someday, I'll go and see the ruins.

OK, your turn. Need a letter?
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