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Emotional Barometer

You know the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler get married?  Courtney Cox runs out of her bedroom at full tilt screaming, "It's today!  It's today! It's TODAY!!!!!" 

That's how I feel today.

Because I'm a superstitious kind of animal I dressed myself carefully to avoid wearing anything at all that's red, right down to the only pair of blue panties that I own.  I asked Wayne to do the same (and that's difficult when you consider that 3/4ths of his wardrobe is Atlanta Falcons gear which is red and black).  Even the boys are dressed red free.

We just confirmed the location where we vote and I'm sure one of us will be heading there shortly.  I'll be bringing my video camera.  I can't bring my point-and-click because it's red.

It's today!  It's today! It's TODAY!!!!!


 ETA:  Dixville Notch, NH, the first town in the country to vote, is a tiny little enclave with 21 registered voters.  They elected Bush twice and having picked a Democrat since 1968.  But at midnight, they picked Obama 15 to 6.

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