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Reunion Weekend

Arrived in Illinois Thursday night to find that my beloved Omega Diner in Niles is still there and still making killer matzo ball soup.

Friday morning we went straight to Evanston and had a lovely breakfast at Clarke's, a Northwestern Tradition.  It was so cool to see all the storefronts had homecoming messages painted on them.  Usually the town/gown conflict in Evanston rages but this was really nice. I had my apple pancake, which takes half an hour to bake, so we had time to sit and chat.  Two guys who I'd been in the NHSI program, Cherubs, came in and either didn't recognize me or didn't care to say hello.  I don't know why I should be surprised, we didn't talk during college so whatever.  I was then that we discovered that our camera, the DSLR that we just paid to have serviced, was still giving error messages and not taking pictures.  It was the only camera we brought with us, so I was pretty pissed off.  After breakfast we ended up searching for the closest Best Buy and I got a new point-and-shoot..  

We headed back to campus where I checked in for the reunion weekend and got a nifty little name placard necklace thing.  I was able to use on the laptops in the Hospitality Room and check email.  We walked around campus and actually went into a few buildings.  I was easily able to get into CRC and into my old suite.  I had a nice chat with the girls that were there, talking about the good old days and how little things have changed there.  One of the girls hanging out in the suite actually lived in my old room, so she let me in to look around.  :) 

From CRC, we walked down to Willard and had no problems getting in there and wandering around either.  No one around to talk to though.

Chani finally made it to Evanston and we met up to go to dinner at a place called The Celtic Knot where all three of us had a Black Velvet (Guinness and cider) and a stilton burger.  It was absolutely fabulous.  We went to the pep rally where I swooned over the Wildcats coach, Pat Fitzgerald and then watched the homecoming parade.  Chani's boyfriend met up with us there and we went back to their hotel room to gossip for a little while.

We were up, dressed and on campus by 9 a.m. on Saturday morning to take the shuttle over to Dyche Stadium.  I STILL refuse to call it Ryan Field.  We went over to the alumni reunion tent and had a very nice breakfast before heading into the stadium. We moved from the alumni section into the student section.  Cats kicked the asses of the Purdue Boilermakers 48-26.  It was a beautiful thing.

Post-game was a short nap and then off to pick up Chani in Forest Park before heading to the Class of 1998 reunion at the Landmark Lounge on Halsted Street.  It was loud and crowded and not really an ideal reunion location, IMHO.  The only person I saw, who I didn't come with, was Grant, a guy I worked with for three or so years in the admissions department.  My friends, sniffle sniffle, are not reunion types, I guess.  So we left a little early-ish, but not without taking as much advantage of the open bar as possible, and went back to Chani's condo where we watched the goofy videos with made senior year:  recreations of scenes from our favorite movies, a horror short about a homocidal stuffed duck and our toast to our 4 years at NU with bottles of cheap champagne made the night before graduation.  It was hysterical.

Sunday morning we cleared out our hotel room and went to LePeep in Evanston for breakfast and walked around downtown Evanston a little bit before stopping at the Blue Whale on Chicago Ave to meet the current head of Dead City Productions, the Vampire gaming group I was a part of when it first began in 1995.  I can't believe it still exists!  Natalie, the charming girl in charge gave me one of their tee shirts, which I will dorkily wear.  

From there it was the airport and the long, long, long trip home.  We got home last night at 11 pm.  
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