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Post debate in bullets

I have a lot I need to do before 2 pm today so I HAVE TO make myself be brief.
  • Is John McCain made of wax?  He's never looked older or frailer.
  • I am sick of people referring to Obama as elite and professorial.  He *is* a professor!  When did being smart and educated become a bad thing? 
  • Dude, get over the Town Hall meeting crap already, it's irrelevant.
  • Vets are qualified to teach our kids-- MY KIDS-- because they enlisted and shouldn't have to go through the hassle of licensure, testing and certification?  I don't think so, McCain.  You just lost the vote of American teachers with that nonsense.
  • Again on McCain, air quotes for women's "health" and protecting their health over that of a fetus?  Seriously, air quotes? 
  • I know he had to keep his cool in the face of McCain's eyerolling but I would have liked to see Obama get a little more hardcore in his own defense.
  •  Obama has never been south of the border but Palin just got her passport last year.
  • I was annoyed by McCain's "See, he wants to SPEND" over and over.  When Obama ends the illegal, expensive war with Iraq, our budget will be way better, there will be money to spend on NEEDED programs.
  • While McCain made every nasty face in the book, at least he didn't wink.
  • Um, I thought Palin's son has Downs Syndrome, not autism.
  • McCain made no apologies for nut jobs calling to kill Obama and instead defends the mob at his rallies.  Says he always corrects them but I've only ever seen it once.
  • It seems to me like McCain feels it's his right or his destiny to be President.  After all, he comes from a long line of McCain's who have served and his campaign is desperate, just too desperate. If you ask me who looked presidential on the podium, it was Obama.

I like how Arianna Huffington put it: 
"McCain's campaign was all about experience -- until he picked Palin. It was all about putting country first -- until he picked Palin. It was all about the success of the surge -- until everyone from General Petraeus and the authors of the latest NIE made it clear that victory in Iraq exists only in McCain's and Palin's stump speeches. It was all about William Ayers -- until voters rejected that line of attack. It was all about national security -- until the economy collapsed."

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