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Dorks like me will SQUEE

Got this CD for Wayne for his birthday.  Have been playing it a lot.  It rocks.

Nightmare Revisited
1    Overture / Devotchka
2    Opening / Danny Elfman
3    This Is Halloween / Marilyn Manson
4    Jack's Lament / The All-American Rejects
5    Doctor Finkelstein/In The / Amiina
6    What's This? / Flyleaf
7    Town Meeting Song / The Polyphonic Spree
8    Jack And Sally Montage / Vitamin String Quart
9    Jack's Obsession / Sparklehorse
10    Kidnap The Sandy Claws / Korn
11    Making Christmas / Rise Against
12    Nabbed / Yoshida Brothers
13    Oogie Boogie's Song / Rodrigo Y Gabriela
14    Sally's Song / Amy Lee
15    Christmas Eve Montage / RJD2
16    Poor Jack / Plain White T's
17    To The Rescue / Datarock
18    Finale/Reprise / Shiny Toy Guns
19    Closing / Danny Elfman
20    End Title / The Album Leaf

If you can't get excited about Marilyn Manson singing Disney songs, there is definitely something wrong with you.



Oct. 15th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)

seriously! i have the special addition one they released last year and the manson song is on that but OMG AMY LEE DOING SALLY'S SONG???? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEY WERE MAKING THIS!!!!