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Weekend at home

Joey woke up around 7:30 this morning and called for me.  I brought him into bed where we snuggled and watched Sid the Science Kid together.  Andy woke up about an hour later.

Yesterday was Wayne's birthday and we had a nice day at home watching Disney movies (Nightmare Before Christmas and James & The Giant Peach) and the amazing Falcons/Bears game.  The Falcons won by a field goal in the last second of the game.  It was one of those heart-stopping sports moments I'm so used to, being a Northwestern Wildcats fan and all. I made a yummy pot roast in the crock pot and all the kids were miraculously well behaved.

Saturday there was supposed to be a Mom's Group Coffee Meetup and I was the only person there.  Sucks, I was looking forward to it too.  Instead I went shopping for some silly birthday gifts for Wayne.  The rest of the day was spent doing housework and waiting for Wayne's parents and brother to arrive.  I made Wayne's requested birthday meal (chicken fried steak-- soooo healthy!) His family played with the kids all evening down in the basement.  Wayne called me down there to show me Nathan scooting like mad on his tricycle.  I don't go down there a whole lot so I was shocked at how the kids have trashed the basement.  It's not finished-- just concrete walls and floor, so we gave that area to the kids for play.  We hung a couple of swings from the main beam of the house, put in foam mats, some old furniture and let them have the run in it.  I swear these kids are worse than Motley Crue-- there's just STUFF everywhere.  It's insane.  I need to go down there with a hose and a few plastic bins to clean up the large toys.  It's going to have to happen soon, before it's too cold to open the windows and doors to air and dry it out.

Friday, I can't remember what we did.
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