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Great show you are probably missing

Pushing Daisies is finally back after the annoying but necessary writers' strike last year. 

All of the gang are back at The Pie Hole and the Pie Maker is back to his old shenanigans.  I so love this show.  The look of the show is incredible, the costuming is amazing.  It's clever, smart, sarcastic and melodramatic.  There's just so much to love.  

If you’ve never seen the show before, last week's episode did an amazing job of summarizing the previous season in about 4 minutes.  Basically, Ned is the Pie Maker and he has a special power-- he can bring things back from the dead but only for exactly one minute and if he doesn’t touch them again (to re-kill them) , someone else in the vicinity will die in their place. Also, once he's rekilled someone/thing, they are dead forever.  Ned loves Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, his childhood friend, but she died.  So he touched her and brought her back but he can’t touch her again because she’ll die.  So, Ned owns a pie shop called "The Pie Hole" that's shaped like a pie where Olive Snook, who is secretly in love with him, is his waitress.  Ned also works with Emerson Cod, a private investigator, to solve murders.  Ned briefly revives the victims to find out what happened to them and the duo collects the reward money. 

The cast is amazing.  Emerson is played by Chi McBride.  Olive is Kristin Chenoweth and she often breaks into song on the show, which is always amazing.  Chuck's aunts who raised her after Ned accidentaly killed her father are played by Swoozy Kurtz (in an eyepatch!!!) and Ellen Greene, the original Audrey on Broadway and in the film version of Little Shop of Horrors. 

I highly recommend this one. Full episodes are available online at abc.go.com

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