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Quick thoughts on last night's debate

I stayed up til 2 am watching a replay of the debate after I got home from scrapping at a friend's house. Here's a quick rundown of my impressions:

Despite a week of cramming,the Beauty Queen couldn't remember enough facts to get specific on anything and in fact made two huge crucial errors:

The first was completely screwing up the name of the commanding general in Afghanistan. It isn't McClellan, it's McKiernan. General David McKiernan, thanks to McCain's much touted surge in Iraq, has had to fight his war -- the real war against Al Qa'ida and the Taliban, those fellows who planned and attacked the United States on 9/11 -- with a bare minimum of troops, sketchy logistical support and one of the most hostile terrains on the planet. And he is doing a good job. George Brinton McClellan was a good general too. McClellan was the commander of the Army of the Potomac in 1861-1862. He was beloved by his soldiers, but was far, far from a good commander. His Grand Army landed on the James River Peninsula in the spring of that year, and after a series of battles (called 'The Seven Days' battles), was soundly thrashed by the Confederates led by Robert E. Lee. He was temporarily removed by Lincoln, only reassuming command after the debacle of Second Bull Run. He led the Federals at Antietam in September 1862, but after failing to destroy Lee's army, was finally removed by Lincoln.

The second came when the Winking Pit Bull With Lipstick incorrectly made it sound like McCain supports giving bankruptcy judges the power to rewrite mortgage payment terms on first homes. He doesn't. She did it twice, in her initial answer to the question and then again when Gwen Ifill asked her if what Biden stated was correct.

I was so completely flabbergasted that The Journalism-Major-Who-Can't-Name-Supreme-Court-Cases had the balls to stand in front of millions of Americans and actually say, I don't care what questions you ask, I'm going to give the responses I want to give and then proceeded to ignore the questions and change the topic at handover and over again to make sure she covered the talking points she was forced to regurgitate. It was like verbal diarrhea hearing the word 'maverick' over and over and it was exactly what we all needed to hear when Biden slammed it home that the only use McCain and Palin should have over the word 'maverick' is when they're discussing Tom Cruise's performance in Top Gun.

I've heard it said that the GOP pundits are calling Biden 'slick' and 'lawyerly' and while it's not unexpected I'm quite astonished that anyone with half a brain could continue to support leaders who don't pronounce the final 'g' in words and actually pronounce it 'new-cue-luhr'  over someone educated with a firm grasp of the realities of our standing in the world. Biden heads the Foreign Policy committee and is respected in his work there-- he knows the names of world leaders, which countries they belong to and whether or not they are our allies. What's worse is that the whole folksy, down-home thing is so completely contrived.  They don't call this woman Sarah Barracuda for nothing.  She's power hungry and deliberate and you betcha that all those zingers were scripted to enhance her image as 'one of us' in comparison to this made up hooey that Obama and Biden are 'elite.'  If you want to talk about spin machines, you have to recognize that the Republicans are some of the best.

Then we get into Mother-of-the-Year's favorite act: the devoted mother.  Where are your kids while you're gallivanting around the country, Sarah?  Who's holding special little Trig's bottle?  Not you.  You want to be held up as a shining example of the everyday mom but you use your kids as props in the campaign and it backfired big-time last night when you laid that card on the table and Biden showed us how good parents feel about their children.  Choking up for a second before regaining composure, he said he knew what it was like to fear for the health of a child.  It was authentic, moving and powerful. Biden lost his wife and daughter in a horrible car accident just after he was first elected to the Senate.  His two sons were also horribly injured in the accident.  He knows personal tragedy and heartache.  It was so unlike the Anti-Polar-Bear-Aerial-Wolf-Hunter's treatment of her own daughter when it became known that she's a pregnant, out-of-wedlock teen.  Biden didn't even specifically say why he was upset, he trusted us to know, and respected the privacy of his family's history, where the Moose-Burger-Eater uses her family as a political tool.  She just disgusts me. Really.

Hey, Sarah, we know it wasn't a joke that you didn't know what the vice president does.  You still don't.  She misstated the Constitution as she made a blatant play for power.  Here's what she said:

“I'm thankful the Constitution would allow a bit more authority given to the vice president if that vice president so chose to exert it in working with the Senate and making sure that we are supportive of the president's policies and making sure too that our president understands what our strengths are.'

The Constitution doesn't say that, and apparently she doesn't support the fundamental principle of separation of powers. It sounds like she wants to assume semi-dictatorial power over the deliberations of the United States Senate. It's odd: Her original objective tonight was to convince a minority of voters - the Republican base - that she would be at least minimally competent to perform the duties of Vice President. Instead, she demanded far more than merely those historic duties. She wants to be more powerful than any Vice President in history.  She made a play tonight for nothing less than an elimination of constitutional checks and balances, so that the Executive Branch can manipulate the Legislative.

Biden, on the other hand, is the sixth longest serving member of the Senate.  He knows how the veep serves in the Senate: as a tie breaker.  That's all.

I was incredibly impressed with Biden's extensive extemporaneous knowledge of what's going on in our country, with history, with the facts about the Bush administration and McCain's close ties and support of Bush's policies. Spewing nifty little rhymes doesn't work when there's no facts to back it up.  The GOP can't have it both ways.  Grandmama-to-be can't chastise Biden for stating facts about McCain's voting history and past  as a bad thing and then use Obama's and Biden's voting record to try to hit her talking points.  You can't have it both ways—either 'past is prologue' or it's irrelevant and I think Biden is right.

You also can't say you're going to stop the greed and corruption on Wall Street and then tout further deregulation there and privatization everywhere else.  McCain is all about deregulation and privatization and that's precisely how the banks and Wall Street have gotten so corrupt in the first place!  I'm tired of the Republicans assuming that Americans are as stupid as they themselves are, that they can repeat lies over and over so that they become truth.  It's demeaning. 

I am really hoping that the regular Americans like me, all the 'soccer moms' and the 'Joe six-packs' won't fall for this crazy, under-informed candidate as being qualified to lead our country. I don't want someone who is likable, I want the smartest, most prepared team, and that does not include power-hungry Sarah Palin. The biggest thing she has going for her is that she's a good puppet, a quick study who knows exactly when to throw in the statement, 'John McCain and I are Mavericks!,' a self-appointed label.

She is embarrassing to me, as a woman.  That McCain tapped her as a substitute Hillary is offensive because Hillary in an intelligent leader who knows how to deliver a strong message or idea without having to be snarky, sarcastic, cutesy or condescending with a down-home affectation. You betcha that Sarah doesn't even get my vote for Miss Congeniality.

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