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Juli's hair, a history... part 1

I promised glass_lion  that I'd do this ages ago and never got around to it.  I spent all day yesterday going through photos and scanning them.  So for your amusement, and without further ado...

I am born bald.  It takes a while for my hair to come in.  My mother sticks bows to my head with scotch tape so people will know I am a girl.

My mother cuts my hair herself for years, keeping it pixie short, trimming across my forehead and around my ears. (I'd like to point out here how much Andy looks like me.)  To keep me looking like a girl, I am subjected to ruffly, lacy dresses.


Over the next few years, she lets it get a little longer and messier but it's still short.  It does, however, get nicely thick and glossy. 

Then I hit second grade and noticed that all the other girls in my class had long hair and could wear a variety of ponytails. I wanted ponytails too so we began the growing out process.


Longer in third grade

Blurry picture, stupid outfit, but you can see shoulder length hair in the 5th grade.

At some point in the sixth grade, I cut my hair short again.  I am not sure why.  I immediately began growing it out again.

At the end of sixth grade, I went to the graduation party for my cousin, Chrissy.  They live in the suburbs.  Chrissy had huge hair.  Since I looked up to Chrissy, I started giving myself BIG HAIR.  Here's the first perm on a relatively small day- no teasing.

Here I am with two of my cousins in Spain, in the ugliest clothes I have ever owned, with poufy, permed, poodle hair, during the summer after seventh grade.

Eighth grade class picture

Really sculpted big hair later in eighth grade.  That's my Dad and sister with me.

Freshman year of high school.  Add in a bandana?  What the hell was I thinking?  In combination with HUGE plastic hoop earrings?  Arrghh!  The hair is a little shorter, but still sky high. Notice that Ben has a serious mullet going on. Bad hair is contagious!

Long, curly, poufy--- it's my hair mantra.  Lets not even get into the GOLD eyeshadow?!?!?!?

Sweet 16 party--- less curly, still poufy. 

Teased up mess for Halloween only

Senior portrait

By graduation, I wasn't teasing it anymore.

Four days after graduating from high school, I was having surgery to remove hardware from my ankle and I was complaining about my hair.  My mom dared me to cut it all off.  Foolishly, I did it.  This is taken during Christmas break, my freshman year of college.  After it had grown out a little.  ARGH!  Such a huge mistake.

Still growing out.  Sometime in college but I'm at my parents' house.

Still grouwng out.

Finally grown out and somewhat cute again. With Loopy, KBZ and Lou. 

Wisely, I don't have any pictures where it shows more clearly, but before I went on Spring Break to Disney World with my friends above, I had my friend, Marcus, shave out the bottom half of my hair.  This is also after the Manic Panic Hair Dye Debacle, where I accidentally dyed my hair forest green for several months.  (It was supposed to be purple.) 

Later the same year.

Junior year, playing D&D in the Willard TV lounge.  I am a pirate.  (This is a costume, not my everyday look.)

Dillo Day, Senior Year at NU.  Longer, permed again and dyed dark brown!

Right after graduation, in my apartment in Virginia.

A dark spot--- long, straight, stringy.  Just bad. This is very late 1999.

Kinda crappy picture.  Back to shoulder length with bangs.


Oct. 5th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
This was so much fun to look through! Now I know how all the pics on myspace got there :)

Dude your mom was really a fan of the short hair huh? I mean, cutting yours short in childhood & then daring you to chop it off! Does she still prefer your hair short?

OMG the smiley face dress! Classic!!!

Okay so you must explain... how did you wind up GREEN when going for purple? FTR, I was Manic Panic "Deadly Nightshade" (magenta) for about 6 months! LOL! What year was it that you shaved the underside of your hair? That was really popular for us in AZ when I was in about 7th grade (1990). Then I wound up just cutting it to a full mohawk! Good times :)

I love that pic of you on the bed in your Virginia apt. Very pretty and so tan! :)
Oct. 13th, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
Hee hee... I scanned for 2 whole days!

My mom really believed that if she kept cutting our hair, it would grow in thicker. Shrug.

The smiley face dress is hideous, but I rocked it. :) Ask me why the spandex capris underneath... The jacket was really cute with a black tank and jeans.

Here's how you get green when you're shooting purple.... first I stripped my brown hair and got a pale blonde. The purple dye was very bluish because I wanted it to be Northwestern purple. So when you put blue-ish dye on top of yellow hair, you get forest green. Because I stripped my hair and didn't condition before laying on the blue dye, I couldn't get it out. My hair totally absorbed the blue and I was stuck with it. My hair was so damaged from the whole mess, I was afraid to dye it again for awhile.