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Less stress, more fun

It was a pretty low-key weekend here in PA. 

Thursday night was my monthly mom's crop and I wasn't organized enough to have actual scrapbooking ready to go so I grabbed my scraps and spent the evening making cards, something I haven't done in awhile.

Friday was a sloppy, muddy rainy mess. Early in the day, the boyd and I played some Guitar Hero.  Andy has been watching the tutorials in the game and now he actually gets it.  He's playing pretty well.  When Joey was going down for his nap Wayne pulled out my table and I sat and finished my cards, did some organizing, scanned stuff.  

Saturday was the 2nd Annual End of Summer Potluck with the MOB group so I spent the early part of the day shopping and preparing what I was assigned to bring (fruit tray) and then watched the Wildcats stomp all over the SIU Salukis.  What the hell is a Saluki?  Anyway, the Cats won 33-7 and I was a very happy girl.  The boys had a blast running around at the picnic.  Wayne and I got to socialize with other adults.  Totally a win-win in every regard and the rain held off until we were all packing up to go.  

When we got home, we were both exhausted and falling asleep on the couch, until qwe moved into the bedroom where this bizarre second wind came over me and I ended up watching parts 1 & 2 of the pilot of Lost until 3 am.  Now I'm hooked and need to see them ALL.  I knew this would happen.

Yesterday we took the boys to Sesame Place so they could go to Steve's.  The boys were being so cute in the swim area that we always go to.  They'd circle the pool area and then come jump on my lap and give me hugs and kisses.  My babies are so sweet.  We left fairly early in hopes that Wayne could hear the first half of the Falcons game and catch the second half on Sunday Ticket but the Falcons were getting beaten up and we were hungry, so we ended up stopping at Chilis for dinner.  

At home it was Feasting on Waves and True Blood before bedtime.

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