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The York Fair Adventure --- Meat Sundae?!?!?

I love the York Fair.  It is a fiesta of bad-for-you foods and I kind of save it up for the beginning of September.  I let myself have whatever I want and then I'm sated until the next year.  Wayne and I have a system of ordering one of whatever piques our interest and we share it, thus, not overeating too much of anything, so we can sample everything. Unless there's something we absolutely love, or the portion size is small, then we each get our own.

Roast Beef sandwich (each our own)
Batter dipped fried veggies- onions, mushrooms, caulliflower
Hand-cut french fries
Roasted corn (each our own) 
Chicken on a stick
Lemonade/ Strawberry Lemonade
Sweet Tea / Raspberry Tea
Elephant Ear (mostly brought home)
Cinnamon Roll
Candy Apples (brought home) 
We didn't have this, but I had to take a picture because I didn't think anyone would believe me: 

It was taken with my cell phone so ignore the crappy quality.  Interesting no?

We played a lot of "I Got It"-- it's this rubber ball bingo game that I've only ever seen at the York Fair.  You sit down along the bar and there's a caller who tells you when to throw a little pink rubber ball at a metal grid with 25 spaces.  The first person to get 5 balls in a row wins.  If there's a tie, you win free games.  If you win on your own, you get to pick a prize.  I swear, we played for like an hour.

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