purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

WGN broadcasters are a bunch of douche bags

Since my team rarely gets televised, I'm stuck listening to the game online with the local radio's station streaming audio.  The radio station is WGN in Chicago and you'd think that since NU is a Chicago school the broadcast would favor the Cats.  I'm not asking them to make stuff up or to forget a legacy of bad football, but you'd think they wouldn't go out of their way to kiss the ass of the other team.

I thought maybe it was just my "NU Football Sucks" hackles going up but Wayne can hear the game from the other side of the room and he agrees with me that the color guys are being jerks.

My friend, Chani, who is listening to the game with me (from Chicago) and we're Iming back says that the one of the broadcasters in an NU alum!  The other is a former Bear.  You'd think they'd give the Wildcats a little extra love. Nope.

Douche bags, I swear.


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