purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,


Things I am grateful for, right now:
1. The health and vibrancy of my children-- I'm reminded by my friends list that behavior issues and frustrations with the boys will pass.  I could be dealing with much worse issues.  I adore my sons and all their quirks.  They are the biggest blessings I've ever received.

2.  Wayne, for listening.

3.  Good friends, who share their talents and skills just because they like me.

4.  Good coffee, for getting my ass moving

5.  My own strength- I've been through some crazy drama, going through some crazy drama, and I know there's more to come.  I know I can handle it all with grace and dignity.

6.  My right foot-- sounds weird, right?  I'm starting off a weekend of heavy walking and knowing that it's coming, I am so glad that when the doctors brought up the word "amputation," it turned out to not be necessary.
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