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Brief update

Quiet weekend this time.  Due to a schedule change that Wayne didn't notice in an email, we didn't have Lexi and Nathan this weekend as expected but because of Steve's trip to Florida, the boys were here. 

Friday we just chilled at home, did some cleaning. 

Saturday we had some random errands to attend to and a book to pick up.  :)   After that, we went to a family BBQ at the home of one of the women in the mom's group.  They have an amazing deck and outdoor living space.  Of course, Joey had to be throwing rocks at the koi in their pond and climbing on the retaining wall.  Andy pooped in his pants. Otherwise, it was a great night..

Sunday I finished the book.  We had a sitter come over and went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, just for a little break.  Also went to Target for some new underpants for the kids. 

Yesterday, nothing exciting.  Andy had a horrible day.  Just totally whiny and in my face.  In the evening, I went to hang out at Meg & Bobby's place.  He had his bowling night.  Meg and I ate pizza and chatted.  Wayne took the kids to Kids Court to wear them out. 
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