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Quiz from RedQueenMeg

Your result for The Heart Test...

Rogue's Heart

The Rogue's Heart

Dependent, Idealistic, Passionate, Explicit

You are the most seductive of hearts, the Rogue's Heart. You are reliant on love and very much so an idealist, but you are forthcoming and passionate at the same time. You are not submissive, despite being a dependent and your intimate nature combined with your fiery romantic advances is certainly attractive to many. You are the Casanova of hearts, fiery, romantic, and in search of love.

Matches for the Rogue's Heart:

The Heart on Sleeve

The Heart on Sleeve shares your idealistic and explicit qualities, as well as your need for love, but is more intimate than you. You want to be loved, and the Heart on Sleeve will show that to you. Though you are both Explicits, you will find the Heart on Sleeve's need for love and intimacy will make for a fairly smooth relationship. And there is a good possibility that you may enjoy a more lively relationship.

The Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart shared your need for love, idealism and passion, but is more in favor of harmony than you are. This will do well to make for a peaceful relationship that is still vibrant and passionate and full of love. If you want less conflict, the Bleeding Heart is a good choice, but it may not be as fun or exciting.

Your exact opposite is The Relcusive Heart.

Avoid Realists if possible. You don't care for their too exterior approach to life and want someone who is more an idealist and fiery. Also avoid Independents, who may not give you the love that you crave.

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