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The last thing we did before leaving Philly was stop in at Lush. I was out of shampoo and figured if we were going to be near a store, I'd rather shop there than order online and pay shipping. In the end, we got ripped off $16 for parking but I was able to actually touch and smell and sample, which you can't do online or from the catalog.

Admittedly, I was a very bad girl. I grabbed a basket. That was the first mistake. Way too easy to over-shop when you don't have to juggle stuff in your hands.

I ended up with:
  1. Ocean Salt Scrub-- a product I've used before and loved.
  2. Jungle Solid Conditioner- this is a newish product and I'm curious to try it out. No packaging!
  3. Veganese Conditioner- amazing stuff
  4. I Love Juicy- the most incredible shampoo for oily hair ever
  5. Karma Komba- a solid bar shampoo, no packaging, great for travel
  6. Seanick- another solid shampoo bar
  7. Each Peach Massage Bar- yummiest smelling ever
I am a spoiled, spoiled girl.

I used the Seanick shampoo and Jungle conditioner that night. My hair was fantastic. So soft, lightly scented and CLEAN.

glass_lion, I know you don't often splurge on yourself but this stuff is soooo good.  I think it's totally worth the cost because the stuff does what it is supposed to do, uses no chemicals, it lasts for a really long time AND it's environmentally sound.

So I went ahead and found there's two Lush stores in your area: one at 400 Pine Street in Seattle and one in Bellevue Square.

Wayne manages to take the worst pictures of me but I'll share it anyway

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