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Philly Photos Part 4: The Great Cheesesteak Wars

At the bizarre X-shaped intersection of 9th Street and Passayunk Avenue in South Philly stands the two giants of the cheesesteak world, long in battle with one another for customers and bragging rights.

Pat's King of Steaks was the first to make steak sandwiches.

Geno's Steaks says they were the first to add cheese to the steak sandwich.

In traditional Wayne and Juli style, we decided to get a sandwich from each and compare.

We went to Pat's first and ordered, as instructed on the Philly Visitors web site, "One Whiz Wit" which means, one cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz and fried onions, the traditional Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

On this spot stood Sylvester Stallone filming the great motion picture Rocky, Nov, 2, 1976. 

Then we went across the street to Geno's.

We ordered the same thing from Geno's.  Geno's is more political.  They were involved in a  legal battle with the city over a sticker on the window that said "For service, speak English" and whether or not it was discriminatory.  They are also very involved with the Philadelphia Police and Firemen and have the above pictured engraved bricks with the names of the cops and firemen killed in the line of duty in Philly.

What was the result of our taste test?  We preferred the steak from Geno's.  There were more whole, large, bite-able steak pieces and the cheese was between the steak and the bread, with the onions on top.  At Pat's, the cheese and onions were kinda dumped on top of more finely chopped bits of steak.  We thought the Geno's steak was more beefy tasting than Pat's, where the dominant flavor was cheese.  The Geno's steak had a better flavor combination where you could really taste the meat, the onions and the cheese.  That said, Pat's steak looked better on it's wax paper bed.
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