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My week in review

Craziness as usual with me.  I don't really remember the last time I made an update-type post. 

Monday night we went back to The Fish Place and had the water tested.  I know I made a post about that.  After that we went to dinner at the new Japanese restaurant in town whose name I cannot recall.  Tokyo something?  Anyway, Wayne and I had the Samurai Special-- shrimp, filet mignon and chicken breast done teppanyaki style with all of the theatrics one expects from a Japanese steakhouse.  It was excellent.  From there we went to see The Dark Knight-- and loved it.

Tuesday afternoon Steve brought the boys back and we all had a nice dinner.  I made these Tuscan marinade soaked beef tenderloins that I'd picked up at Costco. 

I don't remember what happened on Wednesday.  Not much, I guess.

Yesterday in an effort to save Louis, I sanded and painted Steve's tank stand, cleaned all the equipment and set up a second 10-gallon tank.  The filter he'd given me was leaking in a slow drip that I could hear plopping on the floor.  I also didn't have gravel or anything except two really ugly ceramic things to put in the new tank with Jesus (or Jerk Fish, as I've been calling him lately).   Still, it seemed like Phantom and Louis were relieved to be free from his harassment so I was glad to have done all that work.

Last night was Mom's Night Out at Red Lobster.  On my way there I had to stop at Petco for gravel, some tank decor and an airline splitter.  I also ended up buying a Shubunkin goldfish to keep Jesus company.  Since they have the same body style, I thought they'd get along better than Jesus and the fancies.  New shubunkin's name is Lazarus, as suggested by redqueenmeg, keeping with my naming structure of "people who've come back from the dead."  Perhaps that's why Valentine didn't make it? Anyway...

Off to Red Lobster, I parked on the shady side of the building and left windows and sunroof open for ventilation.  Red Lobster isn't my favorite chain restaurant in the universe but it was tasty and they are open late so the night was awesome anyway.  We had 12 moms show up and we were loud and raucous and a good time was had. I sort of forgot about the fish in my car until we were getting up to leave and I mentioned that I left a fish in my car and wondered aloud if he was going to be okay.  Stacy walked me to my car to check on the fish and he was fine.  His bag even still felt cold to the touch.  I didn't get home until 11.
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