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Fishie News

Now my common goldfish, Jesus, is getting aggressive.  I caught him nipping at Louis, the black moor, on Tuesday.  I put him in quarantine for a few hours and then put him back in the tank and went about my evening.

Last night when I sat down to dinner, I noticed *significant* fin damage on Louis. 

I was crying.  Admittedly, Louis is my favorite.  I don't know what to do to help him.  So I tested my water and again the ammonia is high.  I can't help but do a small water change because I know high ammonia will exacerbate the problems with injured fins.  I added a little aquarium salt and another small dose of cycle to the filter. 

Jesus is also chasing after my fantail, Phantom, but she seems to be a faster swimmer and gets away from him. 

After conferring with the others over at the goldfish_bowl, my only real option is to separate Jesus out.  Someone there said that it's not likely for Louis to survive.  After losing Valentine, I don't want Louis to go too but I know it's my own stupid fault.

Steve gave me his old aquarium stand but it's rusty from being in the attic so I need to sand it and repaint it.  Luckily I have some Killz primer from the ladybug project and black spray paint.  I also have 2 additional tanks and a nice filter for one of them.  They're all just in used condition and need to be cleaned.  If I get my act together, I could get all of that done today.  

I'm thinking I can put Jesus by himself in the bottom tank and the fancies by themselves in a separate tank on the top.  Technically, you have to have two tanks on that stand for it to be stable.  I'm thinking that if I put half of the water from the current tank into a new tank and half fresh water, plus a heavy dose of cycle in each, then the tanks should be healthier, right? 
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