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Independence Weekend

First off, it feels good to be home.  We were off in NJ from Friday morning until last night and while everything was great, the feeling I got walking through my door was relief.  I missed my fishies and my couch and my own bed.  It was just good.  Then I realized that while Wayne had intended to take out the trash on Friday morning, in the rush to leave he forgot and the kitchen was kind of stinky.  My fishies were alive and that was really all that mattered to me. 

On to the recap...

On Friday, my mom and sister went to the wholesale crab place and spent $200 on 10 pounds of snow crab and a half a bushed of blue crabs.  It was insane the amount of crab we had.  We spent the afternoon grilling and swimming in the pool.  My little Andypants LOVES the water.  We put the swimmies on his arm and that was all he needed.  He spent the entire day in the pool, even when it was drizzling.  He was so comfortable and so excited kicking his little feet and paddling around.  I was so proud.   Joey, on the other hand had to sit in the little (pink) boat toy or be held.  He's just not a pool kid yet. 

We had pretty crappy weather, but having my whole family together (minus my dad, who is still in Spain) was awesome. 

In the evening, we watched some stuff explode in the parking lot to the VFW behind my cousin's house after my boys were in bed.  They were a little too crazy with the stuff, IMHO, so Wayne and I didn't stay long.

Saturday we had planned to go to the beach at Sandy Hook but we had lousy weather.  Early in the day, we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles, which was very cute.  Later, when it cleared for a little while, we were in the backyard and pool again.  Andy was happy with that.

Sunday we packed up all our stuff and took the kids to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights.  For me, I have to go at least once per summer.  I park in the same lot, eat at the same stands, do the same things.  It's ritual.  Steak sandwiches from midway.  Saltwater taffy from Berkeley Sweet Shoppes.  Kohr's frozen custard. Zeppoles.  It was heaven.  Andy didn't want to ride any rides, just go through this one funhouse type thing and come down the big slide at the end.  So that's what he did.  Over and over.  Joey went on every kiddie ride there.  It was great to see them laughing and having a good time.  I hope that I'm building good memories for them. 

We dropped them off at Steve's on the way home and hung out there for a little while.  Both boys were dirty and played out from the day.  It was awesome. 

Had to stop off at a couple of places on the way home and finally arrived at home around 10. 
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