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Cow on a stick!

On Monday afternoon Wayne and I went to the Kutztown Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival.  What a blast!  We ate from one end of the fair to the other, starting with a roast beef sandwich sliced from a whole cow cooked on a spit.  So when I saw "cow on a stick," I don't mean a skewered slice of beef, I mean a gigantic cow, run through with a metal pole, hoisted over a fire and roasted for TWENTY HOURS.  It was incredibly tasty and the only food at the festival that we didn't share--for this one, we each got our own and then seriously considered getting a second one.  We also ate a flowering onion, a fresh pickle on a stick, a pork lollypop (hunk of smoked pork tenderloin on a stick), a fresh strawberry shortcake made by little old church ladies and some kettle corn made in a big, black, witch-type cauldron.  Yummy.  We both left feeling slightly queasy and still wondering if we passed up anything we should have had. 

Also at the fair I got a real corn broom, made by a nice lady who understood how annoyed I get when as I was sweeping with my grocery store straw broom, the handle would unscrew itself because I sweep left handed.  So on my new (red handled!!!) broom, the straw is attached directly to the handle so now screwing or unscrewing.  I am so excited!  At another stand I got a really pretty dip crock.  I'd never seen one of these until I moved out here.  It's a deep stoneware crock that you fill with ice and water and then there's a shallow bowl that fits on top that you fill with dip and it stays cold.

This picture is actually from the website of the people who sold it to me.  Mine has the red rim but has a really pretty bunch of grapes with leaves and curly vines on it.  (I have a fruit theme in my kitchen.)  They had all sorts of really cute designs.  I came very close to a cute blue one with an adorable orange crab on it but it seemed too "New England" for central PA.  I also bought several of their dip mixes.  The cool thing about them is that they're hand mixed and salt free so if sodium is a concern, you salt to taste.  We made the Santa Fe dip on Tuesday and ate it with pretzel crackers.  It worked.  The dip and the crock stayed really really cold.

The festival only runs from 9 am til 6 pm (strange if you ask me... don't most people work til 5?)  so afterwards, we were looking for something to do.

I wanted to get an official fish bowl for Jesus, my new goldfish from the Apple Dumpling Festival.  (He's the only one of the three that's still alive and his name is pronounced HAY-seuss.) We walked around Pet Smart looking at big aquariums and stands and reiterated that we'd like to have a big tropical/salt water aquarium at some point.  Pet Smart seemed to be a little overpriced so we went to Petco where instead of a goldfish bowl we bought a 10-gallon aquarium kit, gravel, a decorative rock and a companion fish for Jesus. 

Phantom is a white-bodied fantial goldfish with some orange and black spots.  The coolest thing about Phantom though is that she has one black eye and one white.  It's pretty cute.  Jesus is your standard common goldfish but he's still my buddy, even if he's "common." At some point, I will take pictures of my fishie babies.
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