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"Pregnancy Pact" in Massachusetts

Seventeen sophomore girls at a smallish high school in an isolated Massachusetts town got pregnant over the last school year and rather than being upset by it, these girls were excited and happy.  Babies are a blessing, true, but to fifteen and sixteen year old girls who legally cannot consent to sex?  This seems to be a topic of interest to reporters and bloggers and everyone is focused on these girls, the school administrators and the economy in the town and I'm really dismayed that I haven't seen much about the fathers of these babies!

As a mother of sons, I really feel for these boys and want to know if they knew what the girls were planning.  Blah blah blah, they should have worn condoms, yadda, yadda, yadda.  We don't really know that they didn't.  Condoms are pretty easily thwarted, all you need is a safety pin.  I read somewhere that the boys could face statutory rape charges.  They will have to be responsible for these children for the rest of their lives, and since they are so young, I am sure it's going to end up that their parents are playing child support. 

And I know, they chose to have sex, they have to live with the consequences, but we're talking about teenaged boys.  What teenage boy takes a pass when sex is offered? 

This is the biggest fear I have for my sons, that they'll get involved with someone young and their potential will be spoiled by early fatherhood.  I'm not going to kid myself that they'll maintain virginity until they're 21 but I hope they'll be smart about it, that their future will be important enough to them to protect themselves. 
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