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Hope he's watching his "Heavenly CNN"

George Carlin died last night in Santa Monica from heart failure.  One of the most controversial and intensely funny comedians and fierce critics of modern life. 

He was scheduled to receive the John F. Kennedy Center's coveted Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in November. 

He said in an interview in Playboy in 2005 that his vision of the afterlife included a "heavenly CNN."

"The world is a big theater-in-the round as far as I'm concerned, and I'd love to watch it spin itself into oblivion," he told the magazine. "Tune in and watch the human adventure .... That's what I want heaven to be."

I miss him already.

Carlin was everywhere- including some of my favorite movies: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Jersey Girl, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma.  Also, Andy's favorite movie, Cars, as the voice of Fillmore.  Hell, he was a narrator for Thomas and Friends for a long time.

streamweaver said it better in his LJ:

"Carlin wasn’t really a comedian, he was a philosopher.  Whatever comedy he had came from the absurdity of the things he talked about.   I loved him because he was a champion of thought and pushed the truth that ideas don’t harm anyone, it’s forcing or suppressing an idea that does.  He is my absolute hero really and I’ve probably modeled more of my life on him than even I realize.  A dissident, he perfected calling buill-shit to an artform and the beauty of his way of thinking is he owned fealty to the truth, not the movement.  He wasn’t your friend no matter how much you thought he shared your opinion because somewhere along the line you were going to get called on your own bullshit.

Occasionally people would think they were smart by trying to call him on his own bullshit, but they never could because Carlin realized the one fundamental truth of human behavior… It’s ALL bullshit."

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