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Apple Dumpling Festival

Took the boys to the Apple Dumpling Festival in Sinking Spring last night.  It was a small carnival with all the standard food and rides I expected to see.  The boys had a blast, even though the only rides they'd go on were the little train (at least 4 times) and the bouncy castle.  Joey did go on the airplanes and Andy asked to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl but hated it. 

While we were there we won three large, beat-up goldfish who are now swimming around a vase on my counter.  Joey also came home with a stuffed duck and a stuffed octopus from the duck game.

We ate a bunch of food that's really bad for us.  I took some amusing pictures of the boys eating cotton candy.  Then we looked up and there was a gorgeous rainbow across the sky above the midway.  It hadn't rained!  And it was the whole rainbow!  I snapped a few shots of that too. 

The really nice part of the night is that I ran into a bunch of people I knew from the mom's group.  It made me feel really good to have friends seek me out and made me feel connected to the area.  Like I belong.  :)

Pictures to follow.
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