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Fun TV

If you haven't caught it already, you need to head to CBS' webpage and catch their new show Swingtown. 

It's supposed to be a serial drama but I found it really funny as well.  From the directors of Big Love and Rome, it was pitched to HBO and Showtime but somehow ended up on boradcast television.

CBS' description of the show:
Swingtown traces two generations of friends and neighbors as they forge intimate connections and explore new freedoms during the culturally transformative decade of the 1970s. It portrays the ever-shifting “swing” of the pendulum that reflected the change in America's collective value system -- morally, politically and socially.   

After moving to an upscale lakeside Chicago suburb in July of 1976, Susan and Bruce Miller must confront temptation in the form of their provocative new neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, while not abandoning their old friends Janet and Roger Thompson. As the adult couples evaluate whether to embrace or avoid newfound personal freedoms, the curious Miller and Thompson children begin to discover and assert their own morality and sexual identities as they come of age in a world on the precipice of change.  

In a shifting social climate -- defined by its music, fashion and style -- everyone in SWINGTOWN is confronted with personal choices, experimentation and varying attitudes.
It's worth watching for the seventies' style in clothes, in hair, in home furnishings; for Grant Show's smarm as the swinging pilot; for the old neighbor's uptight personality and envy.  Just really great TV, I hope it lasts.
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