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Busier than the usual busyness

This weekend was all packed full of stuff.

Friday was house cleaning and organizing stuff for Saturday.  It's also the day I destroyed my toe on our way out to Target for some needed supplies.  Target has become like Costco, I can't get out without dropping $100.  This time I picked up some clearanced grass table skirts for next year's luau, an electric griddle (which I will be returning because it sucks), some clothes for Lexi and I can't remember what else! 

Saturday, we were up at 6 am to set up for our town-wide yard sale.  I woke up and got dressed and went outside to see how the weather was and the street was packed with people.  We put up our tent and before we were even finished setting up, we had people browsing.   We had a number of "big ticket items" to sell and all of them went.  We sold Wayne's old Xbox, his old electric guitar, all of the old infant gear that was hogging closet space, some old Halloween costumes. We also sold for $10 the vacuum cleaner that Wayne got at a yard sale for $5.  The Mennonite families in the area are INSANE.  They buy up a lot of random stuff and haggle haggle haggle.  It was nuts.  I had some people walk away from what I thought were very good prices on things.  Oh well.  At the end of the day, we made about $150.   The people next door weren't selling a lot of their yard sale stuff, but the woman did a lot of baking and was selling baked goods like mad.  We bought a lemon sponge pie and some cream cheese cupcakes that were awesome.  I also bought a bowling ball that I plan to paint into a ladybug for my garden, like this.

Wayne's parents came up and we all went to Shady Maple to enjoy a Father's Day early dinner courtesy of the yard sale.  It was packed but still as enjoyable as ever.

From The Maple, we went to a graduation party for my friend, Jenn, at her house in Leesport.  Jenn is my wild-and-crazy friend from the mom's group.  I only had a couple of drinks in me when I volunteered to flash the camera for the husband of one of the other mom's group ladies.  (The husband heard me make a comment that back in the old days all the good parties ended with topless women and now it's a running joke)  We kept it clean though, it was just a bra flash!  (Not that that saved Miley Cyrus from any trouble!) The skies opened up and it poured rain on the party. The adults were under a waterproof tent, but the kids were playing in a kiddie pool so they just got wetter and dirtier.  It was a blast.

Yesterday we went to Sesame Place for Father's Day and had a really good time.  We actually did more than play in the one pool area that Andy likes.  All of us went in the lazy river.  Joey hated it but he was tired.  The boys went home with their Dad and Wayne's ex was waiting at our house to take his kids home.

Right now, I need to run and get dressed to photograph a get together at my friend's house for the mom's group.

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