purplejuli (purplejuli) wrote,

Big Owie

I am a dumbass.

Earlier today, I was attempting to re-install the 3rd row seats in the minivan.  I've done this many times before with no problem.  Today, I dropped the chair from about waist height onto my foot. 

My foot which was wearing a strappy Teva sandal. 

One of the wheel/hook thingees on the bottom of the chair crushed my second toe and destroyed the nail, the cuticle and a significant chunk of toe.  I believe the toe is broken at the tip.  It's swollen like a fat little sausage.  It was gushing lots of dark thick blood and didn't stop for quite a while.

The mutha#&%^#@ hurts like mad. 

Looking at it now, the nail is a lovely shade of purple and looks like it's torn up from the bed at the bottom.  There's some torn skin and crusty blood/scab.

My legacy as the family klutz continues.

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