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The past few days have been busy as usual

When was the last time I posted?

Friday afternoon: After fixing all my computer issues, we went out to York to hang with Wayne's mom.  His dad was away on a fishing trip and since his brother took off to Texas, she's alone.  So we hung out there and had dinner, kept her company, and then went to this cute ice cream place that also has mini-golf, an arcade and a little mini-zoo.  Crazy!  Wayne's kids stayed with her and spent the night. 

Saturday was just a day at home with the kids, nothing exciting to report.  Some minor Andy potty success.

Sunday we went to Sesame Place to spend the afternoon before the boys went home with Steve.  Joey was a little Mr. Whinypants.  We were playing in a pool area called The Count's Fount, a multi-level, multi-depth water attraction and he kept freaking out when he got wet.  He does his sad face and holds out his hand.

"Mommy.  Wah-der!"  And then I have to kiss it and make it better. 

It would have been cute if he hadn't done it like 50,000 times. 

Andy, on the other hand, was running around, splashing and playing, smiling his head off.  It was awesome and amazing.  And of course, I didn't bring a camera.  We'll likely be at Sesame Place a million times this summer so it didn't seem important!

Post-drop-off, Wayne and I drove home.  We changed out of wet clothes and went out for some hibachi at Panda Heaven. 

See, busy as usual.
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