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Ten Notes I Wrote During the Idol Finale

1.  Is Amanda Overmeier drunk?  She looks like she'd rather do anything than other than cheesy choreography to a cheesy medley.

2.  Could David Hernandez announce his stripper past (present?) better than with that stance during his line of the medley?

3.  David Cook already has a commercial!  And it's for Guitar Hero!  And he's in his underwear!!!  (swoon) 

4.  Paula's boobs are perilously close to falling out of that dress.

5.  HA HA HA HA HA! They made David Hernandez sing the "naked" line in the George Michael medley!

6.  George Michael kinda sucks.  And he looks puffy in the face.

7.  Oh wait, Archuleta has a Guitar Hero commercial too.  And his version sucks.

8.  Hmmm, lots of face time for Cook.

9.  Simon apologizes for the blatant Archuleta love yesterday.  I think I know what's coming!!!!

10.  Woooooo hooo.  When can I buy his album?

Additionally, seriously every person on that show last night had something to plug.  Except maybe Seal, I dunno.  The acts were pretty bleh to me.  ZZ Top?  When was the last time they were relevant as anything but a punchline?  Graham Nash?  I enjoyed the show and all but much preferred the finale two (or was it three?) years ago with Carrie and Bo Bice, when the artists performing were like the "Idols" of the contestants?  Bice got to jam with Skynrd. Carrie did Bless the Broken Road with Rascal Flatts.  That was awesome. I really didn't need the Bryan Adams medley.



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May. 22nd, 2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
If I would have known ZZ Top was on, I would have DVR'd it for Aaron! He loves them now, thanks to GH. blah.
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