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Party Prep

Our big goofy luau is this weekend (Sunday).  All of the supplies are here: palm tree coolers, leis, pineapples.  We did most of the grocery acquisition last night and have only a brief stop at the local to do for ground beef to make into burgers (the frozen ones come out to $2.50/lb and ground beef is $1.79/lb---why buy the crappy frozen stuff?) 

I want to set up the yard as a dress rehearsal because I'm a dork and want to make sure the electrical cords are going to work for the lantern lights and stuff and I'm trying to restrain myself because I can't leave everything up until Sunday and once it's out there, I'm not going to want to take it down and put it all up again.

I think my only worry is kids running out into the road behind the house.  Wayne and I discussed posting signs at the intersection before our part of the road to watch out for kids.  I don't know if the road will be as busy this Sunday as it usually is because of Memorial Day.  Up the road there's a campground and Sunday afternoon is usually a parade of campers and RVs and they speed.  There's no fence along the back of the property, just a row of short evergreens and we're going to have torches in between the trees.  Hopefully kids will play on the swing set and on the bouncy balls and moms will watch them.

I didn't plan Hawaiian food stuff (aside from a bunch of pineapple stuff), just typical burgers and dogs.  I am making pineapple pretzel salad as a dessert.  I'll have cut tropical fruit with a dip and the Honey Coriander Wings from Ohana at Disney's Polynesian.  A tossed salad with a citrus vinaigrette dressing.  Ambrosia salad.  Yum food.

I have four CDs of Hawaiian/Island/surf music.  I need to rip them and load it all onto my MP3 player.  Some of it is really great and I've been listening to it nonstop. 

This is one of my favorites:

Also pretty much the whole 50 First Date soundtrack and a goofy parody song called "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" by some guy named John Prine.

I have my tropical print dress from Rosie's bridal shower and I got a hibiscus hair clip.  I am so ready for this.  Now I need to bust some butt and do some basic cleaning in the house and mow the lawn (I'm psyched for that part!) and we're good to go.
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