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Is it seriously mid-May?

I just turned the heat on... it was 59 degrees in the house. This is redonkulous.

Mom's night out at Alebrije was a blast, as I expected it to be.  I think 11 moms came.  I sat at a table with Maria, Betsey and Meg and laughed all night long.  This group of women is just phenomenal and I really enjoy spending time with them.  I am supposed to be hosting scrapbooking at my house tonight but as of right now, I am the only definite yes and I have two maybes.  It's a real disappointment  but I don't know what to do about it.  I'm letting it hurt me way more than it should when I'm sure the only thing behind it is that people are busy.  Still, it stings.

Friday we went out to York and spent the day with Wayne's mom.  There's some drama in the family with Wayne's younger brother (he took off to Texas with his girlfriend over a month ago and is being very evasive and lying when confronted with questions as to what's going on) so she's pretty depressed and angry.  All four kids were at her house and she had crafts for them to do and spent individual time with *each* of the *four.*  She is very sweet.  We took her out for an early dinner at Shady Maple.  I am proud to report that we managed all four children well and it was not a disaster.  Well, at least until we got out to the car and discovered that Joey's diaper had blown out.

Saturday, Wayne's kids were picked up here and we made a long-needed trip to Costco.  We came very close to running out of toilet paper in the house, but the crisis was averted.  I also want to note the fabulous salad I made for dinner-- it had iceberg lettuce, diced carrots, diced mangoes, thinly sliced onion, cucumbers and a really nice citrus vinaigrette that I whipped up.  YUM!

Sunday, Mother's Day, I made the mistake of having high expectations.  I wanted to spend the day in the yard, watching the boys play, making step stones for the garden and relaxing.  I wanted to enjoy Mother's Day.  DIdn't quite work out that way.  The boys were cranky and picked on each other all day.  I ended up in a battle of wills with Andy.  For dinner we grilled some babybacks and fresh corn and potatoes.

Yesterday I went out to Newark and spent some time with my mom.  I dropped the boys off at Steve's and met Wayne in King of Prussia for dinner at Melting Pot. 
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