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Kid Wranglers Are We

This was the first weekend in a long time that we had all four kids, all weekend.  Lexi and Nathan arrived on Thursday afternoon while the boys were napping.  They all played outside, it was good.

Friday, I went grocery shopping in the evening.

Saturday we went to opening day at a nearby amusement park.  With all four.  All by ourselves.  My parents were there with my sister and her kids, but par for the course, we barely saw them and they weren't there to help me or visit with my kids apparently.  Andy was being strange and didn't want to go on *any* rides.  He begged to play on the nets, but once he got up in them, he freaked out and wouldn't move.  Steve finished his shift and came over to watch the parade with us.  Andy and Joey were both very happy to see their dad.  We left around 4:30, made some sandwiches out of the cooler in the car and came home and vegged for the rest of the night.

Sunday.  That was yesterday, right?  Spent some time playing out in the yard.  Made the aforementioned kick ass casserole for dinner.  Wayne took his kids back to their mother.  I stayed home and scrapped.  I added more journaling to the Disney pages I'd already done.  I need to order the second half of my pictures and work on the pictures from Nela's wedding (almost 2 years ago!) and Joey's first year album.  Argh.  Only then can I start to think about annual albums.

Today,  I have been doing laundry- washing and then hanging outside to dry.  Things are drying just wonderfully.  Also putting stuff away.  That's the area I usually slack on.  I have no problem sorting, washing and drying.  I hate putting stuff away. SInce I am hosting a scrapbooking night at my place next Tuesday, there is massive intensive cleaning to be done. 

Also today I have the first well-baby visit for Joey in far too long.  I'm dying to see how tall the little bugger is and get his weight.  I need to make sure my previous pedi has faxed his records over to the new pedi and when I called, they told me to call back at 2.  His appointment is at 3.  Yikes. 

From the doctor's office, it's off to the greater Philly area to drop the boys off with Steve for a couple days. 


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May. 5th, 2008 05:30 pm (UTC)
I am craving some scrap time! And I think the main reason I can't have 4 kids is that I couldn't keep up with 4 albums!
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