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The clothesline saga

We got official permission from the owners of our house to put up a clothesline. 

We went out and got pressure treated lumber (4x4s), these metal thingees that allow you to connect the lumber in the shape of a T and hold it all stable and steady, these other bigger metal thingees that screw to the bottom of the posts that you drive down deep into the ground to hold the posts upright, eye hooks and the rope. 

Wayne made the big Ts-- they're 6 feet tall and the crossbar is 3 feet across.  One of them is attached to the piece that goes into the ground and is standing to the right of my bedroom window.  The metal ground piecey thing for the second T is stuck.  Wayne can't get it deeper into the ground.  He says he needs a sledgehammer.  We do not have a sledgehammer.  There is a distinct possibility that I can borrow one from my dad when I go out to see my parentals on Thursday. 

So, for right now, the outdoor clothesline is delayed.  Hopefully by the weekend I can line dry.  I am trying to hold off on laundry until that point.

We also procured a retractable line for the basement so I'm not totally reliant upon the weather.  Wayne hung it for me and I threw some wet towels on it yesterday.  I opened the windows on both ends for airflow.  We'll see how they are doing/did later today.  Now I'm thinking I should have put it in the garage.  Oh well.


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Apr. 15th, 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
Awesome that they approved of it! Nothing like freshly laundred sheets that have dried out in the sun.
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