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Another weekend is over

I started coughing every now and then on Thursday.  Just a little tickle in the back of my throat, nothing to stress over, right?  I think I have funn blown bronchitis based on the hacking cough and resulting chest and arm pain.  It sucks. 

After a playdate on Thursday, I was just not wanting to do the drive out to Steve's to drop off the boys but I did anyway.  It was a little later than usual.  Joey went to sleep right when we got there and Andy was psyched to play V-Smile. 

Friday was a stay at home, spring cleaning kind of day.  Nothing much going on here except more coughing.  Oh, and I baked cookies for the crop, my famous Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies.

I was up at SIX on Saturday to head out to my all-day charity crop for the Berks County Mothers of Boys group, with all proceeds going to benefit Apraxia and Autism groups.  It started at 8 and went to 11.  I scrapped ALL DAY and then I volunteered to help break down the room and clean up.  My Disney book is getting fat!  I did note a lot of Creative Memories people.  Interesting.  I sat with Jodi, the organizer of one of the Moms Meetups I belong to, and Betsey, who is a member of several of the local groups, like me.  I think we had a really good time together.  I'm looking forward to getting together to scrap with these women again.

The only downside to the day, for me, was the coughing.  I was dosing up on DayQuil like mad and chomping down cough drops and throat drops.  Still I had to excuse myself from the room a few times to cough up a lung in the bathroom.

By the time I got home around midnight, I was just destroyed-- having massive tight, constrictive chest pains every time I coughed. 

The boys were in bed when I got home and I went in to check on them, collect some kisses and re-tuck as necessary.  When I opened Andy's door, the smell hit me in the face.  He'd vomited all over his pillow and bed and was really feverish.  Wayne carried him out to the couch where we changed him and laid him on the chaise section of the couch to sleep.  We stripped his bed and I went and sat with him for a little while.  He's so pathetic and sweet when he's sick. 

All day Sunday he stayed on the couch, all feverish.  Joey threw up once.  Nathan was his standard cutie pie self.  Wayne felt sick to his stomach and Lexi was rambunctious and not listening.  It was a pretty sucky day.  I made a huge pot of chicken soup and we ate that all day long.  Wayne's kids were actually picked up here last night.  It's a good thing because my boys were both in bed asleep by 7:30.  With all of us feeling sick, Wayne begged for a pick-up because to all be cooped up in a car would have been bad.

We watched Pirates 2: Dead Man's Chest before crashing out for the night.


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Apr. 7th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
I hate it when that pukey smell is discovered in a room. :( I hope you all are feeling better soon!
Apr. 7th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
Yay on the crop, but UGH on sick. I don't know if it's better for everyone to be hit at once, or to spread it out. :/
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