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Recovering from the weekend

I swear, every Monday morning, I wake up feeling incredibly exhausted.  Weekends are just so crazy and hectic.

Friday, morning I slept later than usual and woke up to a lovely breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns that Wayne made for me.  I was so overtired and hungry that the first thing I did was gulp down the bacon.  Then I remembered it was Good Friday and the Catholic Guilt set in.  Oops!  Steve came to pick up the boys.  He mentioned going to Shady Maple for dinner and asked for directions from our house to the restaurant.  After thinking about it for fifteen minutes, I got dressed in five and we were all out the door to enjoy a fine meal.  I so love that place.  I ended up eating more meat because the food there was so yummy and I figured I'd blown the whole "no meat" thing already in the morning so why not enjoy the Maple?

Saturday, Lexi and Nathan had to be exchanged at 10 am, so it was an up early morning and out the door in a rush.  After meeting their mom, we went to Park City Mall to try and get our tire fixed.  We couldn't.  All of our tires are still practically new, so we want to only replace the one.  The Kia has Yokohama tires on it, which I'd never heard of, so we have to find a place that sells them and neither the Sears or the other tire store there carried them.  I looked around for an Easter blouse--- something springy-- and couldn't find anything I liked.  It seemed like everything at the big girl stores was blue and/or ugly.  I really don't like blue.  We had lunch at Fuddruckers and then went to the Lane Bryant near home where I found a couple things.  No spring colors though.  I swear every time I buy clothes, it's black and gray.  I am so predictable.

We had a little time to chill at home before meeting three other couple from the Mothers of Boys group to go bowling at a place called, no kidding, I swear, Bowl-O-Rama.   I'd never met any of them in person before, though I've participated on the message board, so it was nice to make some new friends.  We had a total blast, even if I bowled like crap.  I can't find my bowling bag with my own ball in it though I really believed it was in the basement.   After bowling, we went to dinner at a place called Viva Good Life Bistro.  It was incredible and I'd really like to go back soon.

We were up at 4:15 am on Sunday to go pick up the boys at Steve's.  He was leaving for work when we got there and the boys were still asleep.  Joey woke up when he heard my voice and we got him dressed in his cute little Easter outfit and woke Andy up and did the same.  We got to my mom's at 8:00 and she was still in her PJs and unshowered.  I think she was a little embarrassed.  We spent the day noisily and with much food.  I was able to squeak in a little bit of a nap to allow me to drive home. 

I was asleep by 11:30.  Today, I am exhausted.  Pictures later.
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