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Moms' Group Meetups

In the past few days, I've finally attended a Moms' Group Meetup from each of the two groups I signed up for a couple of months ago.  For awhile it seemed like events I could go to and wanted to go to had low attendance or something happened where I couldn't make it, didn't meet many people, etc.

So I went to coffee last Saturday and that was pretty interesting.  I was late so a few women were already there and chatting when I arrived.  I forget the names of the women I met and that kind of sucks. A lot of the women have pictures of their kids on their profile rather than of themselves, plus there are bunches of women with the same names.  Hell, one of the groups even has another Juli!!!  With no e!  I am serious!  So there's a few now whose names I know and others where the faces are familiar.

Last night I went to a MNO in this place at the Reading Airport.  In the terminal.  It was a little strange to be sitting there, looking out the window at a runway.  Still I was all excited and had a good time.  I was quiet for a good portion of the evening, trying to get a feel for what these women were like.  Then the conversation turned to scrapbooking and I was a little more vocal.

It's just so different from the group of women in New Jersey.  We all knew each other face to face because we were part of the New Moms Network out of Jersey Shore Med Center, that is run, interestingly by the mom of marisa724!   So when we organized online, we all knew each other, knew a lot about each other and all of our kids were about the same age. In these two groups, there are some people who have known each other since high school and others, like me, who are totally new. Plus there are several groups in the area.  I joined two of them and there's been some drama lately, I guess, so there was a little talk about that.  It reminded me a lot of high school type clique-ishness but whatever.  I just want to make some new friends around here! 


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Feb. 29th, 2008 10:44 am (UTC)
I'm so happy that you finally got to meet some other moms in the area? What ever happened to the 2 women you scrapped with awhile back? You sounded like you hit it off with them? They might have lived in your new neighborhood if I remember correctly?

Why was that thing at the airport? Yeah, that must have been weird!

I never knew you knew marisa724. Is she in your journal here? We never friended each other but she once said something to me about being a stepparent that really helped my relationship with Brendan & I totally appreciated the way she worded it all. It came across just awesome!

How've you been otherwise? Back to working out hmm??? ;) Keep at it so you can come out here & visit! Or lets at least all meet up in Vegas!!!
Mar. 4th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
The one woman is moving and has been sort of involved with that, the other I haven't heard from in a long time. Shrug.

I actually have met Marisa IRL a few times. Her mom was my lactation consultant and she ran the New Mom's Network at a hospital near me that turned into my NJ Moms Group. Marisa came to a few meetings. I was actually supposed to go to lunch with her either the Monday after Joey was born or the day I went to the hospital for gall bladder surgery, I don't remember which one it was.

Been back to working out this week and it is kicking my butt. Wayne and I were talking about California last night when we saw a really cute commercial with the governator.
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