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Disney Day 5: The Day the Kids Turned on Me

It was our full day at Epcot and I was soooo excited.  We got a later start in the morning because we were only going to that one park-- my favorite park-- and we all wanted to sleep in a little. 

We all headed over to the bus and waited to head over to the giant golf ball.  We had our picture taken with it by the Disney Photographers and went into the park.  Wayne ran to get fastpasses for Soarin, the one ride that I was really psyched about for the whole trip.  When he got back, we went to the Character Spot for some character photos and interaction.  There was a decent line weaving through an iron maze.  Leave it to my kids to turn waiting in line into a climbing and swinging game!   They didn't want to follow us when the lines move and that turned into a couple of temper tantrums.  The boys got to take pictures with the same characters they'd seen at Chef Mickey's plus Chip and Dale.  It was very cute.  On our way out, we ran into Belle, pre-Beast and Joey freaked out.  I think it was more that he was a little tired.  I have a picture where Belle has this look of horror on her face.  :) 

We walked over toward Soarin, but it was still too early for our fastpasses so we got some popcorn and frozen lemonade.  The boys really seemed to enjoy the frozen slushie drinks.  We went into The Land building where Soarin is housed and left Joey with Wayne because we  intended to do a baby swap where Maria, Andy and I rode first and then she'd stay with Joey and Andy, while Wayne and I rode.  The fastpass line for the ride took 25 minutes and then the ride is 10.  It's the one where you sit on a bench type seat where your feet dangle and you get lifted up in front of a 360 degree screen that shows a movie of flying over California.  It's supposed to feel like you're in a hang glider and it totally does because they blow air at your face and the scent of pine forests and orange groves.  I loved it and after a minute or so, so did Andy!  It made me so happy to see him enjoy something. 

When we got off the ride, Wayne had Joey in his lap.  Joey was asleep and Wayne's eyes were closed.  What sucked was that it took so long for us to get through the ride that there wasn't time for Wayne to go on because we had reservations for hibachi lunch in the Japan pavilion at a place called Teppan Edo.  So we rushed through the first group of countries in the World Showcase (Canada, United Kingdom, France and my favorite: Morocco) to get to Japan and have lunch.  We practically ran and that made me kind of sad because I LOVE exploring the World Showcase and it all looked so different from the last time I was there.  I didn't remember much of it at all.  So we got to Japan and went up the steep stairs to the restaurant and had to wait a really long time for seats at a hibachi table.

Andy and Joey are not good at the waiting.  We'd established that earlier in the day.  However, the two of them were having a grand old time rolling around on the floor and playing peek-a-boo with the wait staff from behind this slatted bamboo wall thing.  Joey is such a charmer, people just fall in love with him wherever we go.  It was so cute.  When we finally got to our table, they were hungry and the service was kind of slow going.  Because of the high turnover I guess, there weren't all the components of the teppan meal that we are used to.  No soup or salad.  No fried rice.  I ordered an appetizer of shrimp shumai.  Food was great.  Our chef was a little dull.  At one point, I looked at Andy who was sitting and fidgeting next to me and somehow he had managed to take his pants completely off.  I was getting really embarrassed by their behavior and was just really upset. 

We continued around the World.  Caught a cool clown magician performing in Italy.  The kids made and decorated masks at the Epcot Kidcot stops.  We went through America, Italy, Germany and the Outpost before making a wonderful discovery in China.  At a place called The Joy of Tea, we got a Peach Oolong Tea Schnapps Slushie and oh my goodness was it wonderful.  I was so fried from the kids, I just wanted to get through the park and to the buses and put them in bed. 

So on our way out, we did some shopping at Mouse Gear and rather than hauling it around, I had it delivered to the resort.  I was SO GLAD that we had decided to get a sitter for the night.  Both boys crashed out at 6 pm and slept the whole night through.  The sitter, from a service called Kids Night Out, was awesome.  I liked that their service is endorsed by Walt Disney World and that all the sitters arrive in uniform (a purple polo shirt) and that they are trained in CPR and child first aid.  They come with toys and games.  Our sitter was Katie DiPietro that night and she was a college student studying Early Childhood Education.  She had it easy because the boys were asleep when she got there and they slept through the night.

We met Wayne's friend from high school, Tim, who is an attorney who just passed the Bar exam.  He assured us that he was an expert on Downtown Disney.  Wayne warned me that Tim is good in small doses and that he can exaggerate.  Wayne may have downplayed that just a little.  We got to Downtown Disney, the West Side area and Tim had no idea what was around to eat.  He asked some people around who recommended the Rainforest Cafe.  I was like, uh uh, I don't thing so.  We have The Rainforest Cafe back at home.  So as we were walking, I saw Raglan Road, an Irish pub I'd read good things about online.  I pointed it out to Wayne and that's where we got a table.  The place was awesome-- built in Ireland and moved to Florida.  All except the bathrooms, which came from Wisconsin and that made Maria happy.  The food was excellent.  We had a forest of fried scallops that came out impaled on forks, standing straight up on a wooden platter and also some baby back ribs that were in a Guinness honey glaze called "Heaven on Earth."  For dinner, Wayne has something called "It's Not Bleedin' Chowder.  It came in a bowl and was a combination of potatoes, mussels, shrimp and scallops in a white wine cream sauce.  I had Bangers and Mash-- sausages with mashed potatoes and frizzled potatoes with a wine-based gravy and I think Maria had Fish and Chips. 

It was LOUD in there.  There was a live Irish band playing music.  Also, we were seated next to a bar-height table that had a staircase attached to it.  I thought it was kind of strange but halfway into my first drink, the hostess, who was wearing a traditional Irish dress, walked up the stairs and did an Irish jig-- full on Riverdance kinda thing.  In fact, they said she toured with Michael Flatley.  I thought it was pretty cool.  We got to see her perform three times while we ate.   The loudness was great because I couldn't hear Tim talking incessantly about himself.  Poor Maria, he kinda glommed onto her and she kept giving me those "save me" looks.  He was a dreadful bore.

After the food, we were planning to go to the Comedy Club at Pleasure Island, but  we missed the last seating.  Across from the Comedy Warehouse was a place called The Adventurer's Club.  I remembered reading something about it on the Disney Boards but I couldn't remember what.  So we got tickets to enter and all went in.  You walk in on the top floor and look down on a rotunda that's over-decorated with all kinds of exotic stuff.  I have to post a picture because there are just no words.  They have characters that run around interacting with people in the crowd, acting goofy and several shows spaced out over the night in various rooms. It's supposed to be a membership drive for an Adventure Club in 1937.  Everyone gets sworn in and taught the sectret handshake and club saying.  KUNGALOOSH!   It was a little more adult than other Disney entertainment and had a full service bar. Maria found herself a whole group of people from Wisconsin that she ended up hanging out with talking about cheese and beer and snow.  :)  It was a really good night.  I loved the place and hope to go back.

I was a little wary of Tim driving us back to the hotel because I hadn't kept track of his drinking and I really wanted to take the buses but alas, we went in the car and he got lost trying to find the hotel.  We ended up at the Animal Kingdom and driving past this gigantic McDonald's over and over again.  I was SO GLAD to get out of that car.  When he asked what we were doing the next night we agreed to call him and then looked at each other knowingly.



Feb. 14th, 2008 02:14 pm (UTC)
Hey, not all Floridians are bores... actually maybe we are.

I was always sorry they never let me try out to be Belle when I was working there, but they said the blue eyes didn't matter... it was that I was too tall.

I have good memories of the comedy club. I took Joe there when he came to visit me.
Feb. 14th, 2008 02:19 pm (UTC)
Actually, Tim is a Pennsylvanian transplanted to Florida so I think that's the key. Not to mention the extensive world traveling he felt compelled to tell us all about along with his adventures sampling various narcotics.

blah blah blah. You know how adults sound in Charlie Brown's world? That's all I heard after a little while.

Feb. 14th, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)

Maybe that's the key. I never go anywhere and I never do narcotics. This somehow keeps me from being boring. Hee.
Feb. 14th, 2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
I am still just reeling from this guy. SO full of himself. Why would he think anyone in the universe cared about the stuff he was talking about??? No one else could get a word in edgewise with him.

It was particularly funny when he started talking about his time in the north of Spain and how beautiful it is, and the food is great, the people are blah blah blah. Maria and I just looked at each other. She was nice enough to tell him that she and I met there and spent several summers in Spain, where our families live. Kind of a nice way of saying, "Bite me, you idiot."
Feb. 14th, 2008 02:30 pm (UTC)
Haha, I had a similar moment when I was up in Rockville. The table next to me had two girls with cell phones, too much eyeliner, and University of Maryland sweatshirts. They were talking about inane stuff and then one of them started talking about Orlando. "The university there, you know, UCF?" she said to the other.

"UFC," the other corrected her.

At least they weren't talking to me.